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Wicker Colors & Finishes

After browsing this page, note the name of your desired color/finish, then select that name from the "Finish Color:" option drop-down box on the product description page.

Wicker, Resin, Rattan, Natural - Sorting it All Out

Sometimes these terms can be confusing, as they are often incorrectly used interchangeably. The differences can be easy to understand once we realize that we're talking technique vs. materials. "Resin", "Rattan", and "Natural" all refer to types of materials that wicker furniture can be made from. "Wicker" itself is not a material but an ancient technique used to manufacture items out of natural materials, such as willow, rush, rattan core, and more recently, sythetic materials such as resin.

Wicker furniture made from natural materials can fade if exposed to sunlight. As a result, it is preferred for indoors only. However, painted natural wicker furniture or wicker furniture made from synthetic materials will typically provide good fade resistance to sunlight exposure. As a result, they can be used both indoors and outdoors, providing flexibility and versatility.

Our resin wicker furniture is manufactured from quality, durable materials that are weather and UV resitant, and thus will look great for years to come whether used indoors or outdoors. Our natural wicker furniture is made from quality, natural products, and should be used indoors to provide years of use and enjoyment.

All-Weather Indoor/Outdoor Resin Wicker

Black - BL (round weave) Wicker Resin
Black - BL (round weave)
Dark Brown - DB (round weave) Resin Wicker
Dark Brown - DB (round weave)
Willow (flat weave) Wicker Resin
Willow (flat weave)
Cedar - CD (round weave) Wicker Resin
Cedar - CD (round weave)
Cocoa - CO-R (round weave) Wicker Resin
Cocoa - CO-R (round weave)
Cocoa - CO-F (flat weave) Wicker Resin
Cocoa - CO-F (flat weave)
Espresso - ES (round weave) Wicker Resin
Espresso - ES (round weave)
Honey - HN (round weave) Wicker Resin
Honey - HN (round weave)
Java (flat weave) Wicker Resin
Java (flat weave)
Sage Green - SG (round weave) Wicker Resin
Sage Green - SG (round weave)
Seagrass - SE (round weave) Wicker Resin
Seagrass - SE (round weave)
Walnut - WL (round weave) Wicker Resin
Walnut - WL (round weave)
White - WH (round weave) Wicker Resin
White - WH (round weave)

Indoor Natural Wicker

White Wash-WW (round weave) Natural Wicker
White Wash-WW (round weave)
Brown - BR (round weave) Natural Wicker
Brown - BR (round weave)

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The wicker finish images displayed on our site may not be accurate depictions of the true color nature of the wicker due to variations in digital imaging equipment, lighting conditions, computer monitors, display devices, etc. Accordingly, we make no guarantee that the images you see on our web site are representative of the true finish colors.

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